Monday, April 20, 2009


I love menswear, I really do. I love when a dude knows what the f he's doing when he steps into his damn closet. It's so rare though, especially now, when HIPSTER has become such an easy outlet for men(and chicks but who gives a shit about them) to look fucking grimy. I hate those little mustaches, i hate dirty dirty skinny pants, i hate dudes in those stupid hats, and I hate when a dude is wearing something completely fucking ridiculous, like this guy from H&M's Spring Style Guide:
I know, I highly doubt that this guy in particular dressed himself in that outfit, but I still despise it so much that it makes me hate him...I have my eye on you, buddy...

Now these guys know that they look good. They look cool, they look confident, they look CLEAN.

Michael Bastian, thank you.
Since I'm on the topic of menswear, I can't go without mentioning my fav designer, Thom Browne. He is basically a god and forerunner in the whole menswear industry. His suits cost upwards of $5,000 and are rarely EVER confused with any other designer suit (unlike all those Armani's and shit that look all the SAME) for their distinctive style and fit. The signature look of a Thom Browne suit is flat front pants that have ankles exposed and no belt loops. Wearing a Thom Browne suit is effortless and classic.
Ahhh the beauty of Thom Browne Thom Browne is seated, surrounded by his beautiful friends.
Thom are so beuatiful, and you design beautifully tailored suits. It really really makes me wonder WHERE IN THE HELL DID THIS COME FROM!!!!!!!!!:
That was Fall '08...I'm really hoping he has turned a new leaf.


  1. i hate you for being a female cock block by ending this post of gorgeous men with that hideous shit

  2. me: on the L train
    delivery man: carrying Thom Brown bag
    my thoughts: ANDREA