Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Debut of my work on the interwebs..homework is my boyfriend and I must show him off. Contrary to popular belief, I don't have a weird obsession with bugs. I actually think all bugs, including the most beautiful majestic magical damn butterfly to be horrible creatures that must be annihilated. BUT having a common theme, in my case bugs, makes for a really strong portfolio and I've been having fun manipulating ideas.
Descriptions below each slide...
Mock up for a flexible bracelet. Bug wing motif is hand carved in wax. Will be cast in sterling silver. Toggle and other findings to be cast later. Obviously a work in progress.

The following are samples of work from my jewelry design (rendering) class. I never appreciated painting until this semester, as I am pursuing a degree in studio. Thanks, Lauren Pipkorn!
18k yellow gold flexible bracelet. Pencil and gouache. This is when I first started incorporating the bug wing motif and the insect theme as a whole in my designs.
18k yellow gold and citrine "June Bug" flexible bracelet. Pencil, gouache, watercolor.
18k yellow gold and pave diamond "Ant" flexible bracelet. Pencil, gouache, watercolor.

The premise of the project above is basically, an old lady comes to you with a family heirloom (in this case, a big ass sapphire) and you have to design a brooch or pendant that is animal or nature themed. How convenient! I didn't even have to start trying to design for a different theme/motif even if I really really really really really seriously wanted to.
I mean, I actually really seriously wanted to...
In any case, this is 18k yellow gold, sugarloaf sapphire, and diamonds. Spider Brooch.

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