Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Sippin' on haterade...
Johnny Fuckin Cupcakes. What. the. hell. Fucking CUPCAKE AND CROSS BONES? I'm sorry but the people of the world are thoroughly disappointing me. This completely non creative, absentminded crossbones design is plaguing the fashion and accessorizes industry. Not only do Johnny Cupcakes designs span across mens to girls apparel, but you can now purchase a $8.99 Johnny Cupcakes flashlight keychain!!! Oh boy, I sure have been needing one of those to replace my old one!

Oh, and legend has it that Johnny started off his gnaaaarly career selling shirts out of his trunk in the parking lot after his metalcore band had a show. The name of the band? "On Broken Wings." Enough said.

Kudos, Johnny. You are ahead of the game, totally banking in on the countless amounts of mindless people who want to wear a shirt with a fucking cupcake on it. With crossbones for godsake!!!!!!!!!!!!

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