Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome Back, Kotter

Almost a year's hiatus...

Things I'm digging these days...besides "Welcome Back, Kotter" episodes...
  • gorillaz, lady gaga, the talking heads, bjork, j. dilla, jack white, the magnetic fields, charlotte gainsbourg and van halen (duh)
  • cheetos
  • year one, angry beavers (spoot), rocko's modern life, among other silly things
  • still hating cats, snow, several inhabitants of my neighborhood..fucking Mark's mother and Mark's stereo to name a few..
  • versani inlay rings
  • wishing I could own a Balenciaga scarf coat
  • lamebook.com...gets me through my days..
  • neglecting my online art history class..any professor who flaunts their "avatar" from Second Life falls a few spots down on my 'respect' ladder and a few spots up on the the 'you're fucking weird ladder
  • being in love with a professor...le siiigh...(n.b. not prof avatar)
  • wishing I could wear something like this
  • taking advantage of The Museum at FIT's website/database
  • tryna woo someone for the second time in our relationship
  • dollar beer nights at Rope. Monday is now Friday.
  • reading sociology books..then finding out how ridiculously riddled they are with feminism...not hating..just sayin
  • cheeses
  • bothering kate baldwin
  • eating lots of bad things and blaming it on pms 3 and 1/2 weeks out of the month
  • trying to get a damn job!!! someone send the waaambulance!!

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