Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I’ve quickly realized that I enjoy being on the outside looking in with certain scenarios. In this case, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s much more pleasing to merely admire a garment, a painting, or an accessory, than it is to indulge and buy it. There is no need to be another number falling into the ranks of those suckered by the retail markets. I can appreciate the stitching on a pair or pants, the way a stone was set on a ring, how fabrics and colors are manipulated to portray a certain vibe, and an infinite amount of other things that are overlooked by probably 97% of the population aka those non creative types, to be blunt.

Number One will start off the collection of things worth looking at and appreciating. Proof that things do not need to be bought to be enjoyed.

I would like to start off with introducing one of my favorite jewelry designers, Dori Csengeri. Really, this lady is nuts. She is actually trained as a textile designer, but she makes the most wonderful hand sewn jewels around. She uses silk, cabochons, fine stones, shell, wood, leather, and magic in the majority of her pieces. Absolutely gorgeous; statement pieces that need to be the focal point of an outfit. Kudos, Dori.

Her website, doricsengeri.com, is really easy to navigate, and the quality of the pictures is really awesome, it’s easy to see all the details of each piece. There is also a great “color search” where you can pick a color/color combinations and every piece of jewelry that matches the criteria pops up, no matter what collection it is a part of. Many people think the earrings she designs are too big (example below). These are statement pieces, people. Meant to be worn alone. The days of matching sets of earring, bracelet, necklace, and ring are over. As an overly proud owner of a pair of huuuuuuge Dori Csengeri scarlet red chandelier earrings, I can vouch for the designer with the fact that they are not “too much” or “too heavy.”

Beauty is pain, anyway.

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